Bitstamp Announces US Growth Amid 570% Growth

The cryptocurrency exchange announced the expansion of its operations and services for the US market to support growth in recent years, according to the cryptocurrency company's latest report, its exchanges saw a 570% increase in new customers. The United States is based on comparison with figures for the same quarter of 2020. The report also highlights several growth indicators for the American customer base: 281% increase in assets under management (AUM), 348% increase in customer base and 325% increase in mobile application usage. With this in mind, Bitstamp has announced that it will launch a large-scale marketing campaign in the United States for its digital asset offering. The campaign is called "Crypt For All Roads" and aims to educate private investors about the company's services. Bitstamp says these numbers from its operational metrics are related to the company's customer-centric strategy. Founded in 2011, Bitstamp is the oldest cryptocurrency exchange in the industry. Bitstamp was the first cryptocurrency exchange to offer cold storage and MultiSig wallets. It was also one of the first exchanges to offer full support for SegWit and full support for Lightning Network nodes. “Crypto is the fastest growing financial services segment and we aim to be the leader in the most competitive financial market in the world: the United States. The potential benefit for new private and institutional investors in the United States is astronomical, and we see incredible customer acceptance as one of the world's three largest exchanges, the triple growth we saw in the United States in 2021 showed us that Americans want access. to an exchange like ours, ”said Bitstamp CEO Julian Sawyer. In this new path in its operational strategy, the company announced plans to explore and expand corporate custody options, as well as partner with major US financial firms such as Nasdaq and Silvergate Bank to build market infrastructure.

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