Bitrue wants to democratize token listing rights by opening voting rights to users

The Bitrue Digital Asset Exchange aims to directly attract the user community by distributing the decision-making authority to add new token projects after the team list has been thoroughly reviewed.

Future updates platform October voting rights
Blockchain’s innate ability to decentralize products and services has long been one of the key offerings, especially given more democratic access to the same offerings. The administration is quickly becoming the newest space for efforts to democratize blockchain, and the community is involved.

Bitrue, the Digital Asset Exchange, has joined the ranks of other service providers adopting a more community-based management approach, with the decision to hand over the voting list to users effective July 27. The Bitrue ad placement team will collect project recommendations based on feedback from social media channels before analyzing the legality and perspective of the projects. The projects, which have been extensively reviewed, will be submitted to the community for a vote.

Voters on this initiative list will participate in the bitrue coin domestic token (BTR) Exchange game. When the currency before the vote reaches a certain threshold, it will be listed on the stock market and open to trade. Users who have invested money in successful bid initiatives will be eligible to reset these new listed coins.

Ultimately, plans to open a Bitrue other identity management and Decision Management Solutions in areas such as development platform for users new features including a fresh food / pairs, the power of product and an additional Piggy — tool users have a choice of investment you want to invest in them money, and the interest it creates the log of user accounts. Many of the upcoming voting projects will focus on the new blockchain ecosystems that the platform already supports, including Cardano, Hedera Hashgraph and Solana.

Breaking the vise of central government
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