Bitmex reaches deal to pay $ 100 million fine to US regulators, bitcoin up 50% since July 20

Trailblazer joins Alexander Heptner, CEO of 100x group, to discuss BitMEX’s $ 100 million deal with U.S. regulators. Bitcoin has risen 50% since July 20, where will it go next? Guy Hirsch, eToro’s US Managing Director, shares his views and takes into account the latest trading trends.In addition, Nick, Editor-in-chief of Global Policy & Regulation, provides the latest news on crypto regulation.

Trailblazer, CoinDesk TV’s flagship program, provides investors with the best global Sunday, Business and regulatory news that affects digital assets. “In Первопроходце” was organized by CoinDesk, Kristin Lee, Emily Parker and Lawrence Левитинн offered daily posts CoinDesk worldwide correspondents and partners as well as top-level guests, including leading news, influential people, analysts, investors and observers криптобиржах trends.

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