BitMEX, Human Rights Foundation, $ 150,000 Award to Bitcoin Developer Calvin Kim

BitMEX and the Human Rights Foundation came together to award $ 150,000 to Bitcoin developer Calvin Kim for his continued work at Utreexo. Bitcoin exchange and derivatives platform BitMEX announced that it is extending a developer grant to Calvin Kim by June 2022 and granting him an additional $ 100,000 a year. BitMEX gave Kim a $ 30,000 grant in August 2020. The announcement also stated that the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) has given Kim an additional $ 50,000 worth of bitcoins. Kim focused on prototyping an Utreexo Bitcoin full node, which could help users complete the First Block Download 62% faster than using Bitcoin Core alone, according to recent BitMEX research. Kim announced, “This year, with the financial support of BitMEX and the Human Rights Foundation, I plan to continue what I did last year and move the Utreexo project to something a user can download and use. "I am excited that the Utreexo project will be developed next year, and I am sure the project will have a positive impact on the Bitcoin ecosystem." BitMEX and HRF took an active part in donating to Bitcoin's development. BitMEX parent company 100x Group donated $ 250,000 to Bitcoin Core developer Michael Ford (also known as Fanquake). And the company previously gave a $ 150,000 grant to Core developer Amiti Uttarwar. HRF's donation efforts were aimed at supporting Bitcoin's privacy development.

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