Bitmain unveils plans to alienate Antpool, BTC’s leading mining pool

Bitmain, the world’s leading equipment maker for bitcoin mining, recently closed its six-month shareholder meeting, which told Antpool of progress in eliminating the world’s leading pool of bitcoin mining. The chipmaker for mining received shareholder approval for its mining pool activities in the first quarter, independent of the parent company, and completed all litigation by May 1. ,

He said: “We are still resolving cases at this time and will complete appropriate actions as soon as possible. Antpool will independently run mining pools and other companies abroad after receiving the backing of new shareholders.”

The decision to make Antpool’s mining operations independent of Bitmain was taken to expand its mining pool services outside China. The company’s decision seems appropriate given recent pressure from Chinese authorities on its mining activities. Antpool is one of the largest operators of mining pools, offering services for ten cryptocurrencies. It is also currently one of the largest contributors to bitcoin heshreyt.

Bitmain said it would continue to focus on research and development for chip manufacturing for mining, and hoped the support of new shareholders would help Antpool expand its business worldwide.

Chinese pressure hinders crypto miners ‘ advance
The Chinese pressure of the Bulls this season has hit bitcoin-mining companies the hardest. June May-June mining heshreyt fell by more than 50%, the same with the demand for equipment for crypto mining. Bitmain was forced to lower the price of its flagship installation for bitcoin mining during peak overclocking. However, Bitmain reported that China’s anti-mining measures would not adversely affect its business as its main customer base is outside China.

Many of the giant mining pools operating in China have been forced to move to other countries with proper state mining regulations and cheap electricity. Many small miners sold their mining platforms to Seco

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