Bitcoin’s success was never tied to China, says former stockbroker Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee was one of the first Chinese Bitcoin tycoons to share his thoughts on the current bitcoin, which was recently banned in China, which in his view he believes will continue to strengthen alongside his predictions about the future of bitcoin. 

In addition, Chinese regulators to strengthen their криптовалюту nationwide ban crypto bull and the old owner is a first-криптобирж BTC Bobby Lee believes China in China, China’s regulation will continue to raise криптовалюты and a few years later the citizens of the country to completely ban all the ways for криптовалютой interact with it in any way.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Lee outlined his thoughts on a possible comprehensive bitcoin ban:

“The next thing they could do, the last straw, would be something like a complete cryptocurrency ban. I’ll put 50 on 50.”

The implications of China’s tough stance on the cryptocurrency have been much debated by crypto sceptics and Bulls. Its impact has undoubtedly affected markets, but Lee thinks it is a short-term complication for Bitcoin.  Despite the effects of Chinese rules, Li sees bitcoin’s success as something that won’t necessarily be affected by the country’s actions:

“Unfortunately, cryptocurrency trading will be a thing of the past when you’re done this year. And in a way, it’s a good thing for crypto, because deep down, I’ve always known that Bitcoin’s success never depends on China. Just as it is not connected to the country, it is a group of people.”

China’s latest ban on crypto mining and trading has prompted a number of major bitcoin mining companies to close stores and take their business overseas. And while owning crypto, or buying and selling it to other people, is not yet forbidden, there is a possibility that the rules will also be tightened to include it in the ban. 

Bulls like Lee, meanwhile, continue to decry Bitcoin: “I’m sure bitcoin will go uphill in the second half of this year

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