Bitcoin’s best days ahead, no Fed’s restrictive policy anytime soon, market strategist says

“Bitcoin’s best days are definitely ahead, “says Michael Lee Strategy, founder of the investment management company, and expects the cryptocurrency to”reach unprecedented new heights.””The strategist also says it will take a long time before we see any form of tapering or any restrictive policies from the fed or other central banks around the world.

Market strategist expects Bitcoin to hit new record highs
Michael Lee, founder of Michael Lee’s strategy, shared his views on bitcoin in an interview with Fox Business on Monday.

Michael Lee’s strategy provides asset planning and investment management as an Investment Adviser Representative through Compass Financial. Lee is a former vice president of the corporate middle Sundays group at Morgan Stanley.

Commenting on the price of bitcoin, which reached $ 60,000 earlier this year, Lee said: “this is a side effect of the endless money printing going on.”He dismissed the theory that the rise in BTC prices on Monday was triggered by rumors that Amazon could accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for payments. The e-commerce giant released a loophole last week in its search for a leader in the field of digital currency and blockchain.

“Better days are coming for cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin,”Lee said. Noting that” Bitcoin is your first engine, “he believes the cryptocurrency will” deliver as much or more benefits as any other cryptocurrency.”

“I think some of these steps are hard to explain, but this is a very important asset class,” he continued. “So, once you have a little momentum to growth, follow the opportunities, just keep coming and coming and coming. And then all of a sudden, you go from $ 29,000 to about $ 40,000 in a week.

“I think it’s been a long time before we’ve seen any tapering or any restrictive fed policy,” said Lee, who owns bitcoin.”Stress that this is not just the fed, it is the fed.

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