Bitcoinist Book Club: "The Bitcoin Standard" (Chapter 4, Part 2: Government Money)

Welcome back book lovers! What have we learned so far before we dive into public money? Well, for example, it is extremely difficult to summarize this history. Second, historically, governments have not been able to resist the temptation to lower their currency. Third, devaluation leads to the collapse of society and the collapse of empires, but the process is a very slow death. It can take years, so it's hard to detect. There. We also learned that all the governments of the world have withdrawn the gold standard by sleight of hand. Instead they left us paper money over which they had absolute control. The world is collapsing before our eyes because of what they did step by step "crisis after crisis". But the process is so slow that it's hard to detect. But we definitely feel its effects. all over the world. Related literature | Bitcoin Investors Are More Optimistic Than Ever As IMF Calls for "New Bretton Woods" In this episode, we're staying on North American soil and World War II. We're talking about World War II. Plus, the next era and the real end of the Gold Standard. In the third section, we evaluate the performance of public money over the years. About The Coolest Book Club in the World Bitcoinist Book Club has two different usage scenarios: 1.- We will summarize the books that crypto money enthusiasts must read for the escaped superstar executive investor. One by one. section by section. We read them so you don't have to read them, and we only give you the meaty parts. 2.- For the meditative bookworm here for inquiry, we will provide primer notes to accompany your reading. After our book club is done with the book, you can always come back to refresh concepts and find important quotes. Everyone wins. So far we have covered: Introduction and Chapter 1 – (“Bitcoin Standard”) Chapter 2: Primitive Cash – (“Bitcoin Standard”) Chapter 3, Chapter 1: Why Gold? – (“Bitcoin Standard”) Chapter 3, Chapter 2: History – (“Bitcoin Standard”) Cha

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