Bitcoinist Book Club: The "Bitcoin Standard" (Chapter 3, Part 2: History)

Welcome back, lovers of Saifedean Ammous's "Bitcoin Standard"! Two episodes this week, because we are determined to do a full episode each week. Finally, we learned why mankind chose gold as the healthiest form of money. Now we open the history books and tell you exactly how everything happened. Needless to say, this section here explains the current state of our current world. The parallels between the two periods are breathtaking and… a little scary. However, this is exactly what we want to understand here. How did we get here? And why is Bitcoin necessary for future human development? Read on to find out. Before we get into the topic, let's explain again what we do: About The Greatest Book Club in the World The Bitcoinist Book Club has two different usage scenarios: 1. – For the runaway superstar executive investor, the books you should read are for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. One by one. Chapter by section. We read them so you don't have to, and we just give you the meat portions. 2.- For the meditative bookworm here for the study, we will provide line notes to guide your reading. Once our book club is done with the book, you can always come back to refresh concepts and find important quotes. Everyone wins. So far we have discussed the following: "Bitcoin Standard" (Introduction and Part 1) "Bitcoin Standard" (Part 2: Primitive Money) "Bitcoin Standard" (Part 3, Part 1: Why Gold? "Part 3: Monetary Metals." Book lovers Imagine, any resemblance to our current reality in what you are about to read is NOT a pure coincidence. Roman Golden Age and the Fall In Rome, the common currency was the denarius, which contained 3.9 grams. Julius Caesar created the Aureus, which contained 8 grams of gold, and " It has gained widespread acceptance in Europe and the Mediterranean, expanding the scope of trade and specialization in the Old World. '' After 75 years of economic stability, Keiser

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