'Bitcoin will get rid of environmental concerns': Iris Energy Pty

“I don't think it is up to an individual to decide where to use energy,” said Daniel Roberts, co-founder of Iris Energy Pty, adding: “The appeal of Bitcoin and the adoption gained is to apply this level of energy to protect people's savings. Recent research on Bitcoin's carbon footprint shows that his company is taking the right approach to this industry, according to Roberts. Bitcoin's ecological debate Bitcoin's carbon footprint has been closely scrutinized in recent months. The Bitcoin network consumes around 115 terawatt hours of energy per year, which means it consumes more energy annually than most countries in the world. Cambridge University According to only 39% of the Bitcoin network run on renewable energy is melting. The carbon footprint behind most of the non-renewable part of the grid equates to about 61 billion pounds of coal burned, the average electricity consumption of 9 million households a year, or 138 billion kilometers driven by an average passenger car. Yet despite Bitcoin's heavy carbon footprint, many people investing in cryptocurrency rushed to defend themselves. Square, which has purchased more than $ 200 million in Bitcoin since the beginning of this month, had previously told Decrypt that it was not planning to change Bitcoin investment plans. In fact, the company took this one step further and published a white paper claiming that Bitcoin could be a catalyst for a green financial future. Ark Invest, a major Coinbase investor led by CEO Cathie Wood, recently defended Bitcoin's impact on the environment. "In our opinion, concerns about Bitcoin's energy consumption are wrong. Contrary to popular belief, we believe in its effect.

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