Bitcoin will exceed $ 120,000 a year, Pantera CEO says

Pantera CEO dan Morehead recently revealed his predictions about the price of bitcoin in the future. The CEO runs Pantera Capital, which manages the first bitcoin fund launched in the United States. The Pantera bitcoin Fund was launched in 2013 when the digital asset cost just $ 65 per coin.

Given the impeccable time the fund went into bitcoin, it is not surprising that the founder’s thoughts are taken seriously in the cryptocurrency space.  The fund continues to receive support as more institutional investors invest in digital assets. Seeing the recent price drop as a buying opportunity to enter the first cryptocurrency.

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The Reuters agency’s report outlines some of the fund manager’s predictions about the price of bitcoin. Morehead said the price has come to an end and increased regulatory measures have been taken against cryptocurrencies.

Mass Adoption To Push Bitcoin Higher

Speaking about where bitcoin will be by the end of 2021, Morehead estimates the price of the digital asset at $ 80,000 and $ 90,000 by the end of the year. Morehead also estimates the digital presence at more than $ 120,000 for the year.

Bitcoin price drop / source: btcusd on

Ahead of forecasts, CEO dan Morehead sets the price of the digital asset at $ 700,000 over the next decade. Recent price falls and volatility don’t seem to bother the fund manager as price forecasts remain high.

Forecasts are more optimistic, despite speculation in the market, the cryptocurrency market will be well focused on a long bear market.

Tightening Regulation In The Market

The Pantera CEO gave a speech on where Sunday regulation is going, explaining that it will give more control from regulatory authorities in the future. Poi

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