Bitcoin Whale Count Shrinkage – Speculators Assumed Drip Spread or Possible Address Reorganization

Bitcoin price saw better days when the currency's value reached $ 59,600 four days ago, and then saw the exchange rate drop to $ 45,700 per unit on May 12. This bitcoin is more evenly distributed among smaller fish. Bitcoin Whale Numbers Drop by 1K Bitcoin or More, Sharks, Dolphins, and Fishes Rise As the cryptocurrency markets approach the weekend, traders and speculators are wondering what the next step is, and then this continues with volatile price changes. Over the past 48 hours, bitcoin (BTC) and a number of other digital currencies have seen huge fluctuations in fiat value. As usual, cryptocurrency participants looked at the number of “ bitcoin whales '' and predicted that these major market players made big waves. Most people think that a bitcoin (BTC) whale owns 1,000 or more bitcoins. A summary from shows that a whale contains between 1,000 and 5,000 BTC. A "humpback whale" or "mega whale" is classified as the owner of BTC with 5,000 or more coins. Now some whales are individuals, while other whales are assets like crypto funds such as Bitcoin Trust from Grayscale Investments. In recent days, several reports have stated that the number of BTC whales in the crypto ocean has dropped significantly. People often speculate about the BTC whale action, but audiences in the crypto market have a few tools they can use for whale watching. Recent reports have used Glassnode's "Number of addresses with balance 1k" chart to visualize and track bitcoin whales. Glassnode data shows that more than 2,100 whales (1,000 BTC or more addresses) were found on Wednesday, and another 100 whales in the same month last year. This data does not mean whales are flooded

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