Bitcoin vs Ethereum: Investment bank JPMorgan explains why ETH outperforms BTC

Investment bank JPMorgan released a report explaining why Ether outperformed Bitcoin. The company concluded that “there is evidence of less reliance on derivatives markets for more flexible liquidity, risk transfer and storage, and a fundamentally demand base, citing several main reasons. more sustainable – at least for now ”. JPMorgan Says Ether Performs Better Than Bitcoin JPMorgan Says "Why Is ETH Performing Better?" He published a report titled. Analysts on the company's US Fixed Income Strategy wrote: One of the most interesting developments in the cryptocurrency markets in recent days has been the performance of Ether (ETH) compared to other tokens. Pointing out that Bitcoin is "more of a crypto currency than a currency," JPMorgan said, "ETH is the backbone of the crypto-local economy and therefore functions more as a medium of exchange." "To the extent that it is more valuable to have a stake in this potential business … ETH should outperform BTC in the long run," analysts said. Analysts at JPMorgan stated that "BTC and ETH markets both experienced a similar liquidity shock at the beginning of the month and triggered a similar slowdown in the derivatives market outlook in the following days." : But the depth of the ETH spot market has recovered faster and if anything happens, the liquidity conditions on some exchanges are better than before the event. Analysts also explained that "high frequency spot / futures base prices have a much smaller impact on ETH markets despite optically similar net sales". In addition, "open interest data also shows that the other side of these transactions can be found more easily." The report continues: "Higher sales on the public ETH blockchain mean that a significantly higher fraction of these tokens can be considered very liquid, further reducing the impact of forward-looking liquidations." JPMorgan analysts elaborated: “In the case of ether against Bitcoin, there is evidence of greater resistance.

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