Bitcoin Taproot support remains at 27% despite soft fork’s supporters asking them to update nodes

On June 12, the crypto community announced that the Bitcoin network had blocked Taproot support to enable the largest protocol update in four years. After 24 days, support for Taproot through bitcoin nodes reached only 27.55%, and update supporters asked the community to update their nodes.

It is your duty to update nodes, a large stream of bitcoin roots
Data from a Twitter account called Taproot signal shows that nodes that support Taproot account for more than 27% of the known number of global nodes, with just a single tap. 72.45% did not update bitcoin nodes to support the upcoming activation period in November. However, the update is a soft fork, which means that nodes do not need to be updated to stay within the bitcoin ruleset. Similarly, the soft fork of Segregated Witness (Segwit) also suffered from a lack of node acceptance when it was activated in 2017.

Taproot bitcoin node support: 27.55%

Number of nodes:
Root: 16876
Not applicable: 43802
Light: 47
Unknown: 536

– Taproot_signal (@taproot_signal) July 6, 2021

SegWit’s implementation rate was not much higher until March 2018. SegWit’s acceptance levels reached a peak of 53% on February 23, 2021, and levels reached 71% today, according to Segwit usage data recorded on July 6. After the implementation of SegWit, many bitcoiners asked node operators and large crypto companies to fix the software fork. The same can be said for Taproot today, as crypto supporters post messages on forums to node operators about the need to switch to a node that supports Taproot as soon as possible.

More than two weeks ago, an editor wrote: “less than 25% of nodes implement Taproot, update your nodes.”In a forum post, people are arguing about what will happen to a node that has not been upgraded to 0.21.1. One person said the node was not raised to 0.21.1 after block 709,632 and was a “miner.”

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