Bitcoin Short Compression Herleeft Handelsvolume En Volatiliteit

After what appears to be millennial stability and a slight downward trend, bitcoin is back. Instability wreaks havoc. The volume of trade appears to be gaining momentum. And more importantly, community morale is growing. Anyway, what does the data and analysis say on the chain? Are the numbers high enough to justify the excitement? Let’s examine them.

BTC price chart for 07/27/2021 per Bitstamp / source: BTC / USD
Trading Volume Is Growing, But Is This A Trend?
According to a study by Arcane, ” on Monday, Daily bitcoin trading volume reached $ 9.2 billion, making it the highest daily bitcoin trading volume since June 22.”This may be a good sign of a healthy Sunday recovering, but wait a minute. The market has been sluggish for some time, and not only that, it had “four consecutive days under $ 3 billion”by its peak.

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While $ 9.2 million is a promising figure, ” overall, the 7-day average trading volume remains well below the annual average, and bitcoin trading activity remains low this summer.”From where we are, it’s impossible to know whether the Sunday is up or whether we’re seeing a statistical anomaly. We’ll have to wait and see.

Daily BTC volume is growing / source: Confidential Research
Volatility Is Back In Motion, But Will It Stay Here For Long?
While traditional finance fears this, the bitcoin community is thriving because of volatility. And again, according to Confidential Research, ” yesterday markets started to grow, allowing 7 days of volatility to rise above 30 days.”So, volatility is back, but are we on the road to the race? Don’t be so sure.

“Last summer, before we saw a sudden gain of 11% on July 27, 2020, a similar event occurred in which bitcoin consolidated in falling volatility all summer. The market then returned to the bottom

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