Bitcoin prijs voorspelling: BTC / USD 35,000 withdrawn

Bitcoin price forecast-July 6
Today, the price of bitcoin attempted to rise above the $ 35,000 mark, but failed as the currency fell below moving averages.
BTC / USD long-term trend: change in key levels (daily chart) :
Resistance levels: $ 38 000, $ 40 000, $ 42 000
Support levels: $ 30 000, $ 28 000, $ 26 000
BTCUSD-daily chart of bitcoin purchases currently BTC / USD is currently losing balance below the $ 35,000 level, as traders are still nervous about withdrawing funds to trade recently at $ 33,925. The Bitcoin price drops to an opening price of $ 33,697, trading 0.67% off the opening price. However, during the European session, the Yesil candle is rising above the 9-day and 21-day moving averages before dropping below $ 35,000.
Bitcoin price forecast: are there any expectations about the Bitcoin price? The Bitcoin price is currently moving sideways, but as long as the technical picture remains the same, bitcoin bulls may have a chance of recovering a $ 33,000 boost. Therefore, traders should note that BTC / USD is held below the 9-day and 21-day moving averages. This means that bitcoin’s technical condition is currently weak, as bulls can lose the market with a serious downward trend.
On the other hand, however, another drop below the opening price of $ 33,697 could cause losses and grow rapidly towards a close support of $ 3,200. Moreover, the lower bitcoin price is the only way to build support and bring buyers back to Sunday. In fact, the fight to stay above $ 35,000 will remain a priority.
On the plus side, a rebound above the $ 36,000 level could pave the way for another growth-up to $ 38,000, $ 40,000 and $ 42,000 respectively. Support, on the other hand, is expected to be$ 30,000, $ 28,000 and $ 26,000. So it’s clear the Bears have more power with the Relative Strength Index (14) to print the fall session.
BTC / USD medium-term trend: varies depending on 4-hour period (4-hour chart

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