Bitcoin Price Up 7% to $37,600 – Where to Buy BTC

Bitcoin's price continued to climb as it tried to crawl out of the hole dug by the May downturn, backed by El Salvador's full entry into virtual currency and the Basel Committee banking regulator's approval of crypto as an asset class. He's very risky. As we all remember, there has been a bit of a downside for bitcoin over the past month as the asset's value has dropped nearly 50 percent. Even though Bitcoin has bottomed and is rising, there are still doubts from those who want to buy Bitcoin. BTC price has not fully risen since the drop and did not rise above $40,000 in the past month. There were several attempts to cross the border, but the bears retained control of the market. However, the current week begins what many believe is a period of recovery. Bitcoin's current price is $36,418 and it briefly crossed $37,000 earlier today. Bitcoin Price Analysis For now, bears are definitely controlling the market. This fact is obvious as Bitcoin has not been able to exceed $40,000 in a month. June 7 was a particularly challenging day for the leading cryptocurrency. Bitcoin price dropped below $31,000, stopping a rally that has been developing since the beginning of the month. However, the June 8 candlestick showed a long tail, which indicates that the bulls have bought the dip. It is worth noting that now that the price of the asset is back in an uptrend, Bitcoin has not yet come out of the woods. First, it is expected to face some resistance at the 20-day exponential moving average (EMA), which is currently at $37,925. If the Bitcoin price falls from this trendline, it indicates that those choosing to buy Bitcoin are not gaining that much momentum. Increasing bear pressure could drop the asset to $31,000. However, Bitcoin's Relative Strength Index (RSI) has formed a bullish divergence, indicating weakening bearish momentum. For now, traders will bet to see if the asset breaks out of the 20-day EMA. From there, Bitcoin

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