Bitcoin price rises to over 41K dollars, Cryptorynka capitalization jumps 6% in 24 hours

Crypto assets have gained in value over the past 24 hours as the price of Bitcoin peaked on Friday, reaching $ 42,411 per unit at 8:00 a.m. (EDT). On Saturday, the entire market capitalization of all 10,000 + crypto assets was $ 1.64 trillion, up 6% from the last day.

Bitcoin is up more than 20% this week
The price of Bitcoin (BTC) and some other digital assets has risen in price over the past few days. Five days ago, a big short squeeze pushed the price of bitcoin higher when it fell from $ 34,500 per unit to just below the $ 40k mark. liquidation records.
July Friday, which ended in July, was also due to be a major derivatives release, with some short positions eliminated around 8: 00 p.m. (EDT). In the final day, 284.7 million positions worth $ 284.7 million were liquidated. liquidation records.

After 8: 00 pm, the price of bitcoin (BTC) quickly jumped to $ 42,411 per unit and has remained above the 41 thousand dollar mark ever since. BTC is more than 7% today and more than 20% in the last seven days. At just $ 1.64 trillion, bitcoin’s (BTC) market capitalization accounts for 47.66% of the $ 781 billion total.

BTC / USD chart on July 31, 2021 via Bitstamp.
BTC’s global trade volume was about $ 33 billion on Saturday, with tether (USDT) accounting for 59% of all transactions. This is followed by USD (12.29%), BUSD (5.85%), JPY (4.34%) and EUR (3.41%). At the time of writing, BTC is changing hands for $ 41,522 per unit.

Ethereum is up 12% this week, Easyfi has exceeded 2800%, Tether has captured 47% of global trade volume
The second largest crypto asset in terms of market capitalization is ethereum (ETH), which has grown by more than 5% in the last day. ETH is up 12% over the past seven days, and at the time of publication, eth is trading at $ 2,455 per unit.

ETH / USD chart on July 31, 2021 via Deribit.
The biggest gain in the last seven days was easyfi (EASY) coins amounting to 2,854%, flexacoin (FXC) u

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