Bitcoin price prediction: BTC / USD trade war escalates

Bitcoin Trade Challenge Improvement – There is an ongoing process for BTC / USD trading struggling with a rise to the May 26 resistance level of $ 40,000. The price is currently hovering at $ 39,813 with a valuation of about 4.67%. Trade Struggle Recovery: Key BTC Market Levels: Resistance Levels: $ 45,000, $ 50,000, $ 55,000 Support Levels: $ 35,000, $ 30,000, $ 25,000 BTC / USD – Daily Chart Daily BTC / USD Chart Now This Bitcoin trading is still struggling $ 40,000 Approached a key resistance point. As mentioned earlier, the market level turned out to be a very difficult period of decline to ensure that the new recovery in BTC / USD trading activity continues smoothly. The bearish trendline did not convincingly break north as it was pulled down to indicate the point where the current recovery move has reached. The 50-day SMA indicator was caught from above by the 14-day SMA trend line. And they are above the downtrend line. Stochastic Oscillators turn north, falling between 40 and 80, to indicate that an upward movement has begun. The BTC / USD trade war continues, how long will it last? A candlestick is at work as Bitcoin vs USD trading tackles a rally in one of the major trading areas of $ 40,000. And by the end of today's session, it can still be difficult to set a clear direction, so price candlesticks can positively influence. Having said that, we hope it will align with the positive. In this way, the bulls can push the market further to break some resistance. But after about $ 45,000 there could be a pit stop. The current situation has seen the trade war between BTC / USD pick up again, and this has technically made it somewhat difficult for the bears to arrange a smooth sell entry. As a result, the bears will now have to cautiously wait for a strong sell signal to reappear in this market. As a continuation

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