Bitcoin Price Prediction (BTC): BTC / USD Struggles to Recover USD 58,000 Support As The Bulls Regain Its Bullish Momentum

Bitcoin Price Forecast (BTC) – As of April 9, 2021, March 14, Bitcoin bulls struggled to break the psychological price level of $ 60,000, but to no avail. Last week, the BTC / USD price traded near the resistance zone to break the overall resistance. Consolidation near the resistance area is said to increase the likelihood of an outbreak. Resistance Levels: $ 58,000, $ 59,000, $ 60,000 Support Levels: $ 40,000, $ 39,000, $ 38,000 BTC / USD – Daily Chart BTC price ranges from $ 57,000 to $ 60,000 as buyers try to push Bitcoin above $ 60,000. overhead resistance. About 48 hours ago, the bears managed to push Bitcoin to a low of $ 55,681. However, Bitcoin improved as the bulls bought holes. Additionally, buyers want to break the resistance at $ 58,000. If buyers regain support at $ 58,000 today, the upward momentum will continue. $ 60,000 air resistance will be retested. In previous attempts, buyers overcame the overall resistance but could not keep the bullish momentum above it. Today, the BTC price is trading at $ 58,043 at the time of writing. More Russian announces their income from cryptocurrency transactions According to a consulting firm like PwC Russia, the Russians reported their income from cryptocurrency transactions. The Russian news agency Izvestia reported that the Russians announced their income from crypto trading for tax purposes. Evgeny Sivoushkov is director of PwC Russia's personal income tax department. The director said that interest in disclosure of crypto assets has increased during the current tax reporting period that ended on May 1. According to Sivushkov, "the new trend was triggered by the adoption of crypto law in Russia". Under the new law, Russian residents will have to pay income tax for cryptocurrency trading. The bill, first read in February, asked residents to report their crypto transactions if their total amount exceeds 600,000. Read more

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