Bitcoin price forecast: BTC / USD falls but rises above $ 31k

December July 14, 2021, the BTC/USD price was traded, and bitcoin fell into a lower price range as it rose above $ 31,000, Bitcoin (BTC) risked getting a significant boost as bitcoin rose above $ 31,000. This will be the sixth time the Bears have retested critical support. In five previous cases, the Bears did not break $ 31,000 in support.
Overcoming critical support will mean a resumption of the downward trend. Keeping a $ 31,000 boost would mean an ongoing move within range. Rising momentum continues, time-consuming overcoming critical resistance levels above 40 000 dollars.

Resistance levels: $ 45,000, $ 46,000, $ 47,000
Support levels: $ 35 000, $ 34 000, $ 33 000
BTC / USD-daily bitcoin buying program since May 19 bitcoin bulls have consistently defended support of $ 31,000. This level of support was crucial because a failure could signal a continuation of the downward trend. Failure and sustained downward momentum will cause the BTC price to drop to $ 28,000 or $ 20,000.
This will predict a negative signal to traders and bitcoin owners. However, if the royal coin reaches a downward trend, the upward movement will probably continue.BTC price lacks purchasing power at higher levels. Bitcoin will continue its bullish momentum as buyers clearly show initial resistance levels above $ 35,000 and $ 36,000. Bitcoin is at 34 of 14 Relative Strength Index periods. This means that the BTC price is approaching the oversold area of the market.
ICICI Bank in India warns users about the need to transfer money from bitcoin ICICI Bank is one of the largest financial services in India. The bank warned users not to use money transfer services to transfer any cryptocurrency or digital currency. According to reports, ICICI bank also asked users not to invest in Fiat currency, which may refer to previous investments in the cryptocurrency.
The bank based its decision on the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) of 1999: “the above is not the transfer

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