Bitcoin Price Forecast (BTC): BTC / USD Struggles To Break Resistance Above $ 58,000, Missing Buyers At Higher Price Points

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction – May 3, 2021 BTC / USD is in a short uptrend and partially broke the resistance of 58,000 USD. The bullish momentum could not be kept above the resistance level due to intense selling pressure. Bitcoin currently hovers around $ 56,000 to $ 58,000. Resistance Levels: $ 65,000, $ 70,000, $ 75,000 Support Levels: $ 50,000, $ 45,000, $ 40,000 BTC / USD – Daily Chart Today, BTC price is back to retest the $ 58,000 resistance level. The $ 58,000 support level was the key price point facilitating the resumption of upward momentum. On the upside, Bitcoin bulls are retesting the recent high for a possible breakout. If buyers manage to break the current resistance, the market will climb to the high of $ 60,000. If the psychological price level of $ 60,000 is exceeded, Bitcoin will continue its second round bullish momentum. However, if the price of BTC reaches $ 60,000 and does not rise above the psychological price level, the market will not hesitate to return to the previous price level. Bitcoin is being traded at $ 57,956 at the time of writing. Turkey imprisons six suspects for being the missing CEO of Thodex Crypto Exchange CEO Thodex's missing CEO is believed to have millions of dollars in crypto. Turkish authorities are investigating the local cryptocurrency exchange Thodex, which has suddenly lost its function. The Turkish court imprisoned six suspects, including the missing CEO's brothers and senior company employees. 83 people suspected of being involved in the case were arrested. There is growing concern that Thodex is a scam after the platform ceases to process withdrawals. However, Thodex's missing CEO is said to have spent $ 2 billion on cryptocurrency. According to the latest news, Interior Minister Soylu said that the company's portfolio was 108 million dollars. BTC / USD – 4-hour chart on the 4-hour chart, BTC price struggling to break

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