Bitcoin Optech # 159: Uitwisseling Ru Taproot Yığını

This week’s newsletter contains regular sections, such as questions and answers about the bitcoin exchange and the latest column about preparing for Taproot.
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This week’s newsletter is the best Bitcoin Stack Exchange questions and Answers section for the last month in preparation for our new regular column and Taproot our latest software releases, release candidate and significant changes in popular bitcoin infrastructure and software is among the list of explanations.
News no major news this week.
Selected bitcoin Stack Exchange questions and answers Bitcoin Stack Exchange is one of the first places Optech employees look for answers to their questions-or when we have a few minutes to help curious or confused users. In this monthly feature, we highlight some of the most frequently asked questions and answers published since our latest update.
What is this unusual transaction on the Bitcoin blockchain? March describes the output marked “Unknown” in Block Explorer. The output is the output of segwit Version 1 with artificial pubkey. As noted by 0xb10c, the 2019 process that generated this output was intended to test segwit v1 support for the Optech compatibility matrix. As previously warned (see warnings).newsletter # 158), p2tr outputs can be used by anyone before activating Taproot, as illustrated and detailed by 0xb10c in a blog post.What do miners signal when the nversion field of the block header ends with 4, i.e. 0x3fffe004? Examining the open form of AsicBoost, the user of shicaridot wonders why the newly mined bit 2 blocks are set to the nversion field. Andrew Chow shows Taproot uses 2 bits to signal for activation

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