Bitcoin Optech # 157: Proposed New Trading Codes And Wiki Pages

This week’s newsletter includes a discussion summary about the proposed new transaction code, links to updated wiki pages, and more.
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This week’s newsletter outlines a discussion of the proposed new operating code and a link to an updated wiki page to track support for bech32m. it also included our regular sections of the Bitcoin Core PR Review Club meeting with descriptions of any suggestions to prepare for taproot and notable changes to popular bitcoin infrastructure projects.
News request for Op_checksigfromstack design ideas: Jeremy Rubin published a draft of the op_checksigfromstack code specification in the bitcoin-giant mailing list and asked for feedback from people who preferred alternative design. Some alternatives were discussed, but the issue also branched into the discussion of whether the op_cat operation code should be entered at the same time.Op_cat and OP_CSFS will allow self-analysis of random transactions-the ability to receive bitcoins in a script that can then control almost every part of the transaction that spends bitcoins. This can include numerous advanced features (including 1 versions of other recommended updates such as SIGHASH_ANYPREVOUT and OP_CHECKTEMPLATEVERIFY), but OP_CAT also allows you to create recursive agreements that can permanently limit the best for all Bitcoin.dedicated to the deal. Some people have objected to the settlement of deals in bitcoin, but several arguments have been put forward today that cause problems with the worst case of recursive deals in bitcoin, so we shouldn’t worry about including op_cat or a similar transaction code.

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