Bitcoin Optech # 156 : Ass, Standards, Documents And More

This week’s newsletter outlines requirements for output script identifiers, standard documentation for LN protocol compliance, and more.
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This week’s bulletin outlines a set of requirements for output script identifiers, outlines a proposal to create a set of standard documents for LN protocol extensions and application compatibility, and discusses standardizing support to open a zero-trust channel. Also included are our regular sections explaining how to prepare for Taproot, releases and nominations, and notable changes to popular bitcoin infrastructure projects.
News clippings for exit script identifiers: Andrew Chow has published a proposed set of tools to standardize exit script identifiers in the bitcoin-Dev mailing list. The master IP address provides the master elements used by common semantics and identifiers. Six October bits describe extension functions such as pkh (), wpkh (), and tr (), which use their arguments to populate the script template. Several ass functions allow developers to select the identifier functions they want to implement, for example, an old pkh () handle may never be implemented in new portfolios.
The identifiers were originally applied to the bitcoin Core, and last year other projects began promoting them more. As the portfolio begins to explore the flexibility Taproot provides and the ability to make access to flexible scenarios easier with tools like miniscript, they are poised for a significant increase in usage.Highlights: Ryan Gentry posted a proposal on his lightning-giant mailing list to collect bids to develop documents describing bitcoin Lightning (highlights), extensions and applications.

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