Bitcoin Om newwe hits record highs te Bereiken, Markt Strateeg

Market strategist Michael Lee said he saw Bitcoin reach new record highs. Lee was interviewed on Fox Business on Monday to talk about his prospects in bitcoin. Lee is the founder of Michael Lee’s firm “Strategy, prosperity planning and investment management for clients.” Michael Lee’s strategy offers his services as an Investment Adviser Representative through Compass Financial.

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The founder sees a good future for bitcoin, which he describes as a momentum asset class. Michael Lee, himself an investor, does not believe bitcoin will slow down any time soon, even pointing to new record highs for the digital asset over time. According to Lee, he believes the digital asset will certainly bring in more profits or more than any other digital currency in the market.

The Best Days For Cryptocurrencies Are Coming
Lee, The Sunday strategist, said in the interview that the best days remain for cryptocurrencies and bitcoin in particular. The strategist explained that bitcoin is a Sunday pioneer. Asset forecasting will be as good or better than other digital assets.

BTC’s market capitalization is currently $ 718 billion / source: BTC’s market capitalization
Speaking about the Fed’s rules for BITCOIN and cryptocurrency, Lee said: “I think it will be a long time before we see any tapering or any restrictive Fed policy. Lee went on to say that this is not just about the fed. The same is true of central banks around the world.”

Lee’s determination on the future of the currency appears unchanged, and he rates the future currency price dynamics positively.

Bitcoin’s High Price Is The Result Of Endless Money Printing
Michael Lee also found time in an interview to discuss current market speculation that the recent rise in bitcoin prices has sparked rumours.

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