Bitcoin naar $ 60,000 $ 20,000? Op’s top strategist Bloomberg details cryptography perspectives

Bloomberg Intelligence commodities strategist Mike Mcglone assesses the prospects of bitcoin (BTC), and then, it’s more likely that the top cryptocurrency will revisit $ 60,000 than support $ 20,000.

Erik Balchunas, Bloomberg Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF), Senior Analyst, report a portion of the shares mcglone, commodity Strategist, explains how BTC is currently in excess of 30 000 dollars are consolidated, and this reminds priuspatrun in 2019, and industry-leading kriptogeld in the three months up to 250% grew.

“Bitcoin is more likely to return to $ 60,000 support versus $ 20,000 support, as there is a historic guide to a recovery similar to cold conditions.  Our image shows a reference crypto figure of about $ 4000 for the 2018-2019 consolidation period, just before the 2019 peak launch of about $ 14,000. The more tactical trade-oriented bears seem to be proliferating when bitcoin maintains a threshold of about 30% below the 20-week moving average, allowing the types of buy and hold to buy time.”

Source: Mike Mcglone / Twitter
McGlone says bitcoin’s consolidation of more than $ 30,000 suggests that BTC is setting the stage for a sustained upward trend rather than reviving the next round of sales.

“Typical short-term bitcoin pain for potential long-term gains:

The $ 30,000 study is a matter of positive maturation as part of a long-term price growth trend, rather than a sign that bitcoin is doomed to dark days. China’s suppression confirmed bitcoin’s revolutionary value.”

Source: Mike Mcglone / Twitter
Looking at China’s tough stance on bitcoin trading and mining, Mcglone said its crackdown on BTC and other crypto assets would signal that the country’s economic rise has reached a ceiling.

“We believe that China’s rejection of open-source software crypto assets could mark a plateau in the country’s economic rise, while praising the value of the US dollar and bitcoin.”

When it comes to digitizing money, says Mcglone, The US

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