Bitcoin Maximalist Max Keiser believes there is no top price for Bitcoin And Altcoins Are Easy To Attack

Bitcoin maximalist Max Keiser is known for his bitcoin price predictions as well as his aversion to most altcoins. In a recent interview, Keiser talked about his predictions about bitcoin and said why it didn’t show a decline in Ethereum.

Max Keiser spoke about Fiat currency and the future of cryptocurrency in a recent interview with kitco News. He stated;

“If you’re going to rate bitcoin and Fiat money, the price is infinite, because Fiat money doesn’t have a base, Bitcoin doesn’t have a ceiling. If you rated it in gold ounces, there would be a more accurate way to rate it. I don’t know exactly what the exchange rate per ounce of gold is-Bitcoin. But no matter what, you can multiply that by a hundred times, and here’s where we’re going.”

The bitcoin maximalist, a host of podcasts including the Keizer report and the Orange tablet, has explained several times why he doesn’t like Ethereum. Despite the recent positive sentiment surrounding Ethereum and the price spike in recent weeks, Keiser did not believe Ethereum would reverse its prediction that bitcoin would become the world’s largest cryptocurrency.

“Ethereum is central garbage, transactions are recyclable, as they have been many times in the past. There is a large pre-mine that has been put on the market, disrupting the opening of the price. He has big problems with supervision. “No one knows how much Ethereum it is. No one in the world knows what a graph is.” 

Unlike bitcoin, he thinks Ethereum is centralised and easy to hack, and likely to be hacked. 

Speaking of subcoins, Keiser explained two main reasons that could lead to all subcoins being reset, because he sees them as securities “cash flow estimate, all of which are centralised and easily removed by regulators. 

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