Bitcoin Makes Evil Better

The duality of evil and good is reconciled in a technology developed to recognize the inner characteristics of man.
Bitcoin, the alchemy of money: turning evil into greater good
Bitcoin teaches us that evil can be overcome not by resistance or punishment, but by our desire to understand and integrate all aspects of our nature. 
From commodity wars to human rights abuses and economic exploitation, greed and selfishness are now out of control. This has led to the collapse of existing systems of accountability and the growing crisis of liberal democracy that has exposed the weakness of the foundations of our global civil society.
In the formation of Western civilization, Christianity had a strong influence. The moral values expressed in the Bible have contributed to the formation of modern legal systems and guiding rules in determining judicial punishments.
Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung saw flaws in the European framework of religious morality. His critique looked at the ways in which Christianity promoted the image of a God endowed with absolute kindness. The depiction of a divine perspective acting only as the power of good is the foundation of Judeo-Christian dualist morality. He sees a part of human nature as evil, as opposed to other parts that are considered good, which breaks the connection of life.
Jung acknowledged the negative effects of this radical decoupling between good and evil. Metaphorically and literally inspired by an ancient philosophy aimed at turning a lead into gold, Jung created a therapeutic practice aimed at restoring the integrity of the soul. For his part, the alchemy on offer is ” trying to fill in the gaps left open by the opposing Christian tension.”
Now, more than half a century after the death of the giant, whose contribution to psychology was far ahead of its time, our world has become much more complex. Globalization has brought people together for common decency, but it has also caused friction

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