Bitcoin lurks where monetary responsibility is abandoned

Because Bitcoin is a healthy currency that can store wealth in the long run, it puts people in the burden of saving. Rule IV: Remember that Bitcoin lurks where monetary liability is lifted. The reinvention of the "Beyond Order" from the Bitcoin lens by Jordan Peterson. Preface This article fully reflects the chronological structure of Beyond Order; It offers perspective through the Bitcoin lens. This is the fourth episode of a 12-episode series, and reading the book adds a second dimension. All quotations are attributed to Jordan Peterson. All reflections are inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto. Valuable appointment “What is not done is often risky, difficult, and necessary. But also – right? – worth it and important. Bitcoin is risky for nocoinciners who haven't done their research, difficult for beginners to learn, and necessary for those who understand it. The polarizing debate is by definition important, and Bitcoin is polarizing. The deep gulf over Bitcoin's existence confirms its legitimacy as something to discover. "It seems that the meaning that sustains life in the most effective way is the acceptance of responsibility." Owning Bitcoin is an act of taking full ownership and responsibility. Bitcoin rewards patience, teaches responsibility, and nurtures curiosity. Einstein described compound interest as the eighth wonder of the world, and bitcoin links – so far – at 200% per year. This unique asset offers normal people a pathway to retirement – an asset you can count on exactly the dollar saved once The current dollar is a short-term supply that must be invested in order to retire. Responsibility and Meaning "You have to risk something important." Talking is not expensive. The only way to have an in-game view is to own Bitcoin. Everything else is academic. To quote Nassim Taleb, "Don't tell me what you think, tell me what's in your wallet." [Peter] Pan, "Dying is a

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