“Bitcoin is the capital of the World”, Miami, a crypto Ripple company with miamicoin

The mayor of Miami, Florida, is lighting up the city’s own cryptocurrency. The new digital asset is designed to make millions of dollars for the city’s economy – as people embrace it.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez arrives on Fox Business to discuss the city’s plans for the cryptocurrency, which were officially announced in June. A city icon called Miamicoin ($MIA) will be used to fund Miami’s development and encourage people to move to Miami, where there are currently about 454,279 residents.

The value proposition for residents is that token holders and city officials can receive crypto rewards by supporting the city.

MiamiCoin is built on the citycoin platform. The user can mine, borrow, borrow and even program miamicoin. Token holders can also generate revenue from bitcoins.

At CityCoin website,

“Citycoin opportunities become endless as cities launch # pickupthebag one after another and communities and software develop around their own CITYCOIN. Citycoin communities will create token-driven apps for rewards, local benefits, access control (to digital or physical areas), trading, lending, execution of smart contracts, and more. As a simple example, local businesses can offer discounts or perks to people who show they are “working for their own city” by hoarding city money.”

MiamiCoin is the first CityCoin.

According to Mayor Suarez,

“What the city gets from this is the percentage of money donated to the city of Miami, according to protocol. The city of Miami could make millions of dollars because of the popularity of miamicoin, because Miami is now understandable, and we’ve talked about it many times in your program, Bitcoin is the capital of the world.

We are focused on differentiating our economy by creating a new wave of tech products that will encourage people to move to Miami and become part of our tech ecosystem.”

Suarez October

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