Bitcoin in underwater sandwiches: quiznos restaurant pilot betalingen via Bakk app

On Tuesday, Bakkt Holdings decried a collaboration between Quiznos, the National rapid service restaurant (QSR). Quiznos is a brand based in Denver, Colorado, whose restaurants specialize in serving submarine sandwiches. According to the announcement, Bakkt and the quiz venue in Denver will launch a pilot project that allows customers to buy food for bitcoins using the bakkt app.

Denver airport Examiner plans to test payments through bakkt app in mid-August
Bakkt said he is working with the Quiznos company and plans to launch a test pilot at Quiznos, which is based at the Denver airport. The Pilot will allow customers to pay for goods and services with bitcoin (BTC) through the bakkt app. According to the Denver airport announcement, there is a lot of traffic on Quiznos, and the pilot will start in mid-August.

The chairman of rego Restaurant Group, which owns Quiznos and a number of national QSR chains, believes there are many advantages to working with Bakkt. “Working with innovative platforms like bakkt is attractive to us for a number of reasons, mainly because it allows us to instantly receive bitcoins at the point of sale as part of a fast and hassle-free transaction that we accept,” REGO president Mark Lohmann said in a statement.

Lohmann emphasizes that cooperation strengthens the path of digitalization. Rego president added:

We continued our digital transformation mobile and millennial consumers responding to the demand for alternative payment options and crypto currency, we are pleased to offer our customers another affordable way to buy food, in this case through the bakkt digital asset wallet.

Bakkt reports in more detail that customers who download the bakk app, buy bitcoins and use it to buy their next quiz receive $ 15 bitcoins as a reward.”The partnership with Quiznos follows the opportunity to use the Bakkt and bitcoin (BTC) app at Starbucks.

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