Bitcoin Fees Check $ 60 per transaction, users say they adopt fee limit, others 'adopt' BTC fee pump

On April 21, Bitcoin's network fees reached an all-time high according to a number of transaction fee aggregators. The average transaction fee for Bitcoin is around $ 59.88, and the average fee is around $ 26.44 per remittance. Bitcoin costs skyrocketed after the hashrate drop The cost of sending a Bitcoin (BTC) transaction has never been higher in terms of average costs. In terms of medians, the charts show that median gains are also approaching their all-time high (ATH), but it's not quite there yet. The average Tuesday night rate (EST) was approximately $ 59.88 ATH per transaction.'s "mempool transaction count", showing the total number of unconfirmed transactions in Mempool, is approximately 114,000 pending transactions in the backlog. Some BTC fee collectors, including (pictured above), list transaction fees for April 20 and 21, 2021 at 60 pence per bitcoin transfer. BTC fees increased as the price per coin started to rise, but after the hashrate crash and market slaughter that occurred over the weekend, network costs really started to accelerate north. -end. Bitcoin's hashrate (BTC) is still 38% lower than the record level published six days before the hashrate collapsed. At the time of release, the total hashrate is 133.14 exahash / second (EH / s), 38% lower than ATH recorded at 218 EH / s on April 15, 2021. When a significant portion of the hash decreases, the miners' processing blocks slow down, which means that the mempool or transaction queue is starting to increase. Since the block space is only 1 MB and developers do not solve the problem except for off-chain and side chain solutions, space becomes scarce and the bidding war continues. Bitcoins call this the 'fee market' and people compete with higher transaction fees for faster confirmation times. “ The loads are designed to pump endlessly – accept it. Some fans believe this addition Read more

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