Bitcoin Exchange BYBIT strength KYC vereisen meets begrip Van gesichtsherkenning

The bybit bitcoin derivatives exchange will require stricter KYC supervision for users who want to withdraw more than 2 BTC per day.
The Bybit bitcoin derivatives exchange will require stricter “Know Your Customer” (KYC) procedures for individuals and companies that request more than 2 BTC on a given day, including facial recognition checks.
“We have had KYC procedures for a specific group of customers since last year,” a Bybit spokesperson said. “The new policy is to implement procedures in a more systematic way as part of our efforts to bring our KYC procedures in line with industry standards.”
New bybit recommendations for individuals were recently posted on its website. The article details three KYC verification levels that users must choose. The first, “KYC 0”, does not require verification, but limits daily withdrawals to 2 BTC. Those wishing to gain control over a large number of bitcoins up to 50 BTC must switch to “KYC 1,” which requires ID, full name, date of birth and photos of the national document performing facial recognition verification.after all, users who want to print out up to 100 BTC a day should also have their home address verified.
Bitcoin Exchange has also updated its withdrawal requirements for the business. Company accounts have only two KYC levels: KYC 0, which is the same as the individual account, and KYC 1, which provides up to 100 BTC of output per day. The second requires a company representative to submit a large number of documents to share information about the company and verify the legal status of the company. The requirements include a registration book of all members and directors, as well as a passport/ID card of the beneficiary owner (Ubo), who owns more than 25% of the company, and a certificate of residence.
KYC’s claims, a way of preventing bad actors from using bitcoin to commit financial crimes, are increasingly spreading in the bitcoin field. In addition to its dubious targets-this October

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