'Bitcoin Denied to Minority Groups Reducing Online Access', UBS Chief Economist Says

A chief economist at UBS, Switzerland's largest bank, sees some problems with Bitcoin. In an attempt to answer the question of whether the cryptocurrency is standing against the clock, he claims that "Bitcoin is being rejected by minority groups with less online access." UBS Chief Economist sees Multiple Problems with Bitcoin UBS Global Asset Management Chief Economist Paul Donovan, "Bitcoin Defy the Zeitgeist?" He posted a weekly update titled. On the UBS website, which describes some of the problems it has seen with the cryptocurrency on Friday. UBS is the largest bank in Switzerland. "There is something weird about Bitcoin. Bitcoin seems to be defying time in a way that other cryptos do not," he began and added: Some argue that Bitcoin is a haven for rising inflation. But supply control does not guarantee value. It has a history of extreme price fluctuations. "We cannot live on environmental lending and we have to become more and more sustainable," he went on, "The more and more Bitcoin is done and used, the more serious the environmental damage." Also, he said, “There is a global focus on reducing inequalities. Bitcoin is extremely unequal when it comes to ownership. Its interests are focused on a small number of people, and its governance is plutocratic rather than democratic. The economist also argued that politicians and economists are increasingly value-adding, but Bitcoin is more and more. being denied to minority groups with little online access. History. Storytelling, Bitcoin ' It is extremely important to the evolution of. Otherwise, Bitcoin seems to be going against the modern zeitgeist. Donovan's argument Bitcoin lawyer Max Keizer tweeted: "UBS does not understand the meaning of 'Zeitgeist.' He faces the existential threat of B.

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