Bitcoin Cycle Top 'Persuasion' Crypto CEO Warns For Intense Sales

Despite the best efforts of the bulls for several weeks, Bitcoin's price does not exceed $ 60,000 and seems to be spending considerable time on it. The basics are as bullish as in the major cryptocurrency, but bearish techniques may have finally caused sellers to step in. This is according to the CEO of a crypto firm who warned that the intensity of sales has increased significantly in recent hours. This made them increasingly convinced that a cycle stop was possible. Let's take a closer look at the cause. Bitcoin Bull Turns Ropes While Techniques Clash Against Fundamentals Bitcoin price has had its best year so far, but the dollar versus dollars and fundamentals, stock flow, and pretty much all other data shows that the bull run is not near. The techniques have long been overheated given the power of the show through the bulls, leaving an extensive set of monthly green candles on the price chart without any serious corrective action. The once trending strong cryptocurrency is starting to slow down, especially struggling with anything around $ 60,000. Related reading | Mathematical mystery: Why did the crypto rally stall at the golden rate? Indicators such as the Log MACD are lowering weekly timeframes for the first time since the beginning of the bullish phase, and the quarterly candle closed with the first bearish divergence in history. Still the best cryptocurrency hasn't been patched in the past. Still, Embily CEO Joe Saz isn't for any of the reasons he says this could very well trigger the "end of the cycle". The bears suddenly surfaced as the ascent began to fade | Source: BTCUSDT On Why A Crypto CEO Says Joe Saz Could Be the Head of the Cycle Like Everyone These days, they regularly express their opinion on what could happen in crypto. In his latest self-declared "uncensored spam" post, he warns of something that could potentially hit the top of the loop. What does the saz focus on? Read more

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