Bitcoin crossed $ 57,000 at the end of April, Altcoins continue to recover

Bitcoin and the entire crypto market turned green at the end of April. The $ 4.2 billion options expiration this month was uneventful and there were no signs of opposition. After falling shortly below the $ 53,000 support level on April 29, Bitcoin surged 10% at noon, returning to its highest level of $ 57,400. 4-hour BTC / USDT chart. Source: TradingView Related article | Bitcoin Monthly Closing Carries a Drool as it Causes Instability The announcement by MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor that the company saw a 52% increase in sales in the same quarter last year will likely reinforce the argument that companies should keep Bitcoin on their balance sheets to combat inflation. and attracting new investors. Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are also gaining momentum, the Bank of England announced plans to introduce a digital pound, and the French central bank made the news on April 29 after closing 100 bonds. Million dollars using a CBDC hosted on the Ethereum network. . . Altcoins Continue to Rise While most of the mainstream news and analysis focuses on Bitcoin and Ethereum, a handful of altcoins caught the attention of traders as prices rose to double digits on Friday. Bitcoin's dominance in the crypto market is a well-known fact. The last price correction that altcoins collectively faced was when BTC fell below the $ 50K price point. Since then, although many altcoins have been able to make an inspiring rally and even reach new heights, the price of BTC has remained well below the $ 55,000 resistance level – a move that is diametrically opposite to what most people think. The price of BTC. . Action in April. According to Santiment's data, BTC's dominance over altcoins like ETH is in decline. According to the results, Ethereum has closed the hole in Bitcoin's dominance in recent months. With the new ATH happening at a time when BTC was struggling, this could point to a minor change that the crypto market will appreciate.

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