Bitcoin critics: a thriving, coin-free cottage industry

Here we go again! While this latest crypto crash didn't seem as bad as the last carnage (with Bitcoin and the hapless crap coin followers pulling back more than 80%), the ongoing "market correction" has caused prices to drop more than 50% in the last month or so alone. Spooky? No, it's all part of the amazing cycle of crypto life! But like mushrooms popping mushroom heads after a heavy rainstorm, look who's back: they're broke. 'Bitcoin is an apocalyptic death cult' — Curry and David Gerard Let's see what they have to say for themselves, shall we? In the dreadful crypto winter of '18 to '19, they declared the entire filthy industry dead. It was all a goddamn Ponzi. They even continued to scream the apocalypse when prices started to recover. This is complete nonsense. There is no gain on an asset until it is sold. When you buy bitcoin, what you buy is a loss. If you paid $18,000 for BTC, you're in the hole for $18,000. Price charts are meaningless — Amy Castor (@ahcastor) December 18, 2020 Crypto-skeptical freelance journalist Amy Castor said in December, "When you buy Bitcoin, what you buy is a loss." 2020. “If you paid $18,000 for BTC, you're in the hole for $18,000. Price charts are meaningless.” Similarly, economist Nouriel Roubini said, “The crypto bubble has completely burst and will not recover.” My longtime friend David Gerard has even written a bestselling book debunking the blockchain and has devoted the rest of his bitter existence to ensuring that crypto is overlooked on Wikipedia, where he is an "editor". While I was enjoying this last crisis, I realized that something interesting had happened to some of my coin-free lovers. Yep, they're glad things are getting worse – Bitcoin has dropped so much from its April peak of over $63,000 that it's now up "only" 300% for the year. the last bull run seems to have helped us to be broke

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