viert de veriard Van Ethereum was greeted with a gift of $ 6000

July 30 is the day Ethereum was launched six years ago. B a wallet integrated into Ethereum, and we are excited to see the performance of the world’s leading smart contract platform to celebrate and do so, we will distribute $ 6,000 in ether (ETH), the “fuel” currency of the ethereum network.

What Is Ethereum?
With an ambitious vision to create a fully decentralized, shared computer network, the large developer community that has emerged in and around ethereum has pioneered smart contracts, NFTS, decentralized finance, and more.

From the most humble beginning, billions of dollars are traded daily through decentralized applications (dApps) distributed on Ethereum – and, as with Bitcoin, all this is done without permission and under pseudonyms.

The Ethereum community has tried to maintain “reliable neutrality” in the evolution of the platform – in our view, so far, very successful. As a result, the platform supports a fundamental human right to economic freedom – and that’s what we are you could have stayed here!

To be eligible to win, all you have to do is buy any number of ETH. August Dec July 30 – August 6 via wallet or our website – and that’s it! You will be automatically credited for winning one of the following awards:

Total price 1000 USD (1 person)

Second prize $ 500 (4 people)

Third price $ 100 (30 people)

Good luck!

Full terms and conditions are here.

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