Bitcoin Cash shows maturity on fourth anniversary

Decimated four years ago by disagreements between the two groups over scaling issues, Bitcoin Cash has become much bigger. Bitcoin Cash, which offers a complete suite of solutions for cryptocurrency users with the support of thousands of traders globally and recently introduced Smartbch, a project aimed at incorporating smart contract features into the protocol, is now more mature than ever. However, there have been accidents along the way.

Welcome to this world, Xuya Yang!
On August 1, 2017, amid large-scale consultations with cryptogeld, the world decidedly shook, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is the result of a series of disputes between the developer and bitcoin influencers over how to best implement the scaling of the blockchain. Some supporters decided to scale the chain by increasing the block size, and this idea evolved into what bitcoin money is today.

Welcome to this world, Xuya Yang! And Bitcoin Cash!

– ViaBTC (@ViaBTC) August 1, 2017

However, since then, thanks to the contribution of various individuals and organizations, however, without problems along the way and forks, Bitcoin Cash fork drama with in the past is no longer aimed at minimizing the updates and built-in blockchain became a reliable upgrade path. This is particularly important because most of the updates that affect the chain are due to the inclusion of Planning, Standards and improvements in the protocol every six months.

Even with a few irregularities and minority chains along the way, Bitcoin Cash has managed to make progress in achieving its main goal, which is to give the world more economic freedom to those in need. From technical features such as Schnorr signatures, to the implementation of the SLP token standard and a new complexity algorithm, focusing on the social part of the cryptocurrency spectrum, supporting communities in countries such as Venezuela

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