Bitcoin Cash prijs voorspelling: $493 tied to BCH / USD band rond

Bitcoin Cash price forecast-July 11
The Bitcoin cash price forecast tried to rise above the 9-day average, but the price was rejected from several potential resistance levels.
Key Sunday levels BCH / USD:
Resistance levels: $ 650, $ 700, $ 750
Support levels: $ 350,$ 300, $ 250
BCHUSD – daily chart
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According to the daily chart, the BCH/USD pair is still tracking lateral movement. The 9-day and 21-day moving averages worked as support, but the price failed to rise several more times. However, if the Bulls want to see a shift in momentum, they need to keep the price above the channel’s upper limit. Bitcoin Cash price prediction: Bitcoin Cash is currently 493 $ in front of the cash price traded in Bitcoin may continue, and the 9-day and 21-day moving average under each attempt to open the door for this decline to continue and the price of BCH 450 $ fell. However, traders should follow for a reverse move of $ 600, with resistance levels at $ 650, $ 700 and $ 750.
In addition, there can be a quick buy in the market when the market price rises above the upper limit of the channel. And if the price does not recover, the downward trend will create selling opportunities for traders, which could result in the $ 450 price being retested and falling to support levels of $ 350, $ 300 and $ 250 respectively. The Relative strength Index (14) Technical Indicator tries to draw attention in the opposite direction by offering decline signals.
Regarding Bitcoin, the situation is decidedly bleak as the market ranges between 9-day and 21-day moving averages. However, BCH / BTC could not rise above the upper limit of the channel. The Sunday opens today on a downward trend, with 1462 sat hitting a daily low.
BCHBTC – daily chart
Looking at the daily chart, however, bears could return to the market, pushing the price lower

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