Bitcoin (BTC) price prediction: BTC / USD is making positive progress but struggling to resist above $ 57,000.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction – As of March 28, 2021, the cryptocurrency has been on the rise after the price of BTC / USD dropped to $ 50,350. Bitcoin's price is rising and approaching the $ 57,000 resistance zone. Buyers are trying to retest the resistance level. On March 24, the bulls retested the $ 57,000 resistance zone and the price of BTC dropped to $ 50,350. Today, the March 24 price action is likely to repeat itself, otherwise there will be a boom. Resistance Levels: $ 58,000, $ 59,000, $ 60,000 Support Levels: $ 40,000, $ 39,000, $ 38,000 BTC / USD – Daily Chart Bitcoin bulls make their second attempt to break the $ 57,000 resistance level. Optimistic scenario, if buyers break the USD 57,000 resistance; Bitcoin will return to the key support level of $ 58,000. At this support level, Bitcoin will continue its upward momentum to retest the $ 60,000 psychological price level. A break above $ 60,000 will cause Bitcoin to move above the $ 70,000 price level. Conversely, if buyers fail to break the $ 57,000 resistance, the March 24 price action will repeat itself. The market will drop to the $ 50,000 support level. However, if Bitcoin breaks the $ 50,000 support level, it will fall into a deeper correction. Currently, BTC / USD is facing resistance in the USD 57,000 resistance zone. The BTC price rose as high as $ 56,085.0 at the time of writing. NYDIG CEO, Governments Want to Buy Bitcoin Robert Gutmann confirmed that he is the CEO of New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG). He said the company is in talks with independent wealth funds about possible Bitcoin investments. In addition, Sovereign Wealth Funds Reportedly Investigating Buying Bitcoin NYDIG CEO Confirmed That Investors Are Rethinking Their Portfolios, Adding, “ Looking forward to the world today, it makes sense to ask as an investment commission or an allocation commission [if] all [their] dollars. have dollar-denominated debts against their assets, Read more

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