Bitcoin (BTC) price prediction: BTC / USD dropped to the psychological price level of $ 50,000 in a downward correction.

Bitcoin Price Prediction (BTC) – April 22, 2021 Over the past four days, Bitcoin has traded in a limited range between $ 53,000 and $ 57,000. After the cut on April 18, the BTC / USD price was corrected to $ 57,000. On April 19, buyers were unable to maintain the bullish momentum above the recent high. The bulls were pushed back as the price of BTC continued to correct downward. Resistance Levels: $ 65,000, $ 70,000, $ 75,000 Support Levels: $ 50,000, $ 45,000, $ 40,000 BTC / USD – Daily Chart On April 19, Bitcoin bulls failed to push the BTC price above the $ 57,000 and $ 58,000 resistance levels. . The royal coin therefore dropped to the $ 53,000 support and continued a downward correction. For example, on April 8, the price of BTC rallied to break the $ 57,000 resistance. The bullish momentum broke the $ 58,000 support. The price jumped above the $ 58,000 support to break the $ 60,000 overall resistance. This was the previous price action as the market gained momentum upward. However, as the price hovers between $ 53,000 and $ 57,000, the price of BTC must recover to break the $ 57,000 resistance. The price of BTC is currently low as it faces resistance to the 21-day SMA. Turkish Crypto Exchange, Thodex Halts Trade Among Police Raid Reports Thodex is an important Turkish cryptocurrency exchange. The company stated that it intends to halt the trade and registrations on the news of police raids. Thodex posted a post on Twitter to report that users had suspended the trade for a period of four to five days. According to reports, the company works in partnership with "world-renowned banks and financial companies" to improve its services. The stock market urged its customers not to worry about their investments and to "inform users regularly" during the suspension period. BTC / USD – 4-hour Bitcoin chart dropped to a low of $ 50,500 and continued to correct downward. The Fibonacci broker showed an even further downward move in price. Meanwhile Read more

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