Bitcoin Brings The Foundation Of Truth To Money

Mitch Klee discussed what Bitcoin means for the world to safely deposit basic money.
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In this section of Applespotifygooglelibsynovercast Bitcoin Magazine, I spoke to the one and only Mitch Klee, a regular contributor to “meet the Taco Plebs” magazine and a common presence in our Twitter domains.
Mitch and I discussed various topics, including the inspiration for both articles in bitcoin Magazine. They address inflation issues, the irrational distribution of capital, how misleading the stated indicators are about these issues, and how they all relate to bitcoin. Mitch is a dedicated bitcoiner who always discusses the latest news in the Telegraph chat “bitcoin contributor”-an exclusive chat for contributors in the magazine. I strongly recommend that you read the articles “Bitcoin looks like a pressure relief valve” and” Bitcoin”, as well as the ever-changing definition of” CPI”, which is an excellent comment on current economic conditions.
Below is a written version of our interview, and be sure to watch the audio and video version of the podcast!
What’s your story about the rabbit hole in bitcoin?
I heard about it in 2013, tried mining and decided I could do it with my computer. I lost interest after the accident and didn’t hear it until 2017. When 2017 came, I looked for technology as an investment vehicle in the future, dealing with altcoins and eventually settling on bitcoin-that’s the only option.
How Bitcoin changed your life
This encouraged me to take on much more personal responsibility and sovereignty. I thought more and more about which direction Bitcoin was heading, and my time preferences for investing in Bitcoin increased. I also see value differently when it comes to buying things, food and, in general, just money.
I also have a much more general knowledge of Finance and how to gl

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