Bitcoin blockchain is a time chain, then we learn that there is no human

By calling the Bitcoin blockchain a “time chain,” Satoshi will honor Satoshi’s intent and help eliminate the altcoin scam.
I’m pretty new to Bitcoin and I’m a boomer, meaning I’m not authorized to comment on any technical aspect of the Bitcoin protocol.
But I have a 30-year career as a business development coach and have written two business books and until recently published an electronic newsletter published by thousands of professionals every month in more than 120 countries. This post background makes me hypersensitive to words and how they are used or abused. So, in this context, I share my opposite view on one thing: I don’t believe we should use new words for no good reason. But I’m a fan of accuracy in the use of words.
Before I did bitcoin’s rabbit hole, I admit I was very passionate about blockchain technology and its possible applications in the economy. Bitcoin certainly interested me, but not enough to land in the rabbit hole of bitcoin, as some would have liked. Bitcoin resembled this new invention using blockchain technology. And for those who know Bitcoin only at the surface level, that’s normal. I was wrong like the others.
However, the more you study Bitcoin, the more you begin to see and appreciate its mind-boggling uniqueness. It is a game on an invention comparable to number zero or the opening of the Gutenburg printing press. Earlier inventions or discoveries were turning points in human progress. I now agree with many who have stayed in this area much longer than I have, saying that Bitcoin is the same invention or discovery. This invention happens once in a lifetime.
What I’ve learned over thousands of hours of work is that it’s just a bitcoin. I am not the first to come to this conclusion, and I pray that one day billions of people will agree with me. The sooner, the better. That doesn’t mean bitcoin has been sure for thousands of years

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