Bitcoin Awareness And Acceptance Is Huge In Singapore

Irci Singapore found that 90% of citizens had heard of bitcoin, 40% owned it, and 39% of Singaporeans saw it as an investment.
An independent study published today examined Singapore’s awareness, acceptance, trust and reliance on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and set a rating of 63 out of 100 for the Asian country.
The independent reserve cryptocurrency index (IRCI) is a study conducted by the Australian Independent Reserve exchange bitcoin. The company is trying to measure how widespread bitcoin and cryptocurrency are in a given country by assessing a number of criteria.
In terms of awareness, the study found that 90% of Singaporeans had heard of Bitcoin, while about 40% had. It was also revealed that 57% of respondents preferred cryptocurrency and 45% considered bitcoin their favorite.
When it comes to adoption, 82% of Singaporeans with cryptocurrencies prefer bitcoin. About 45% of all bitcoin owners are male investors and about 30% are female investors.
But the most convincing data the study shows probably has to do with how Singaporeans relate to Bitcoin. Most respondents see it as an investment asset, 39%, while 25% see it as a margin. Only 12% of Singaporeans see bitcoin as money.

General Singapore’s this Биткоину. Source: IRCI
The above figures are interesting because they accurately reflect the current stage of bitcoin monetization. As market acceptance and maturation increases, Bitcoin can move from a collectible asset to an established store of value.
Vijay Boyapati showed in his bullish case with bitcoin that we cannot expect the money at the start to be considered a full-fledged cash commodity from the start, citing margin economist William Stanley Jevons. It takes time to settle into society.
The natural bet for general cash merchandise monetization consists of four stages as adoption increases. It starts as a collection well, goes to Beco

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