Bitcoin and Ethereum are ripe for big breakthroughs, according to popular crypto analyst

A popular crypto analyst and trader believes bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are ready to make big breakthroughs in the face of the downward trend in the digital asset markets.

An analyst under a pseudonym known in the industry as a smart contractor tells his 154,900 subscribers that bitcoin has formed a bullish pattern, indicating that upward movement is on the horizon.

“As for me, I see a higher low in the formation of the bull flag. I’m still optimistic about the BTC of these levels.”

Source: smart contract / Twitter
According to the smart contract chart, bitcoin must overcome model resistance of $ 35,000 to trigger growth of up to $ 40,000.

Looking at Ethereum, the crypto trader also believes that ETH is bullish at $ 2000 and is now ready to climb to just below $ 3000.

“Five up and now ABC down ETH / USD. I think we’re going to get to a lower level and we’re going to go up from here. However, the void declaration is still under a delivery pit of $ 1,650.”

Source: smart contract / Twitter
Smart Contract uses the Elliott Wave method, a division of technical analysis that predicts future price movement based on mass psychology, which usually occurs as waves. According to Cryptotrader, ETH has completed ABC’s corrective model and is now ready to launch a new wave.

The widely known crypto strategy also closely follows the decentralized financial sector (Defi), which it says is outperforming the rest of the market. The trader adds that he is looking at four subcoins in a growing field.

“Defi maintains the strongest positions during the BTC chops.

He certainly looks like the fastest horse at the moment.

Sushi (Sushiswap), SNX (synthetic), Aave, UNI (Uniswap).”

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