Bitcoin and Britney: how the pop star claimed to run his father’s custody using the cryptocurrency

Britney Spears reportedly skipped custody of her father by making bitcoin payments in 2014. 

Pioneer Britney
Apparently, Britney became an early supporter of Bitcoin long before it became cool. According to a podcast based on the # FreeBritney movement, Britney allegedly used bitcoin in 2014 to hide her transactions from her father. If the rumours are true, the protection case against Britney’s father Jamie Spears could get a new transfer. 

Tess Barker and Barbara Gray, hosts of the” toxic ” podcast, said they received material proving Britney had to resort to cryptocurrency to hide her transactions from her father’s prying eyes. It even included small transactions and acquisitions.

Is Bitcoin Blindfolded In The Conservatory?
Although Bitcoin’s popularity has grown recently, it has been moving since 2009, when the currency was launched in 2017. In 2014 this was still relatively unknown. Very few people used it for transactions and fewer used it to invest. In addition, the network is not conducive to user tracking and can be used to meet cash flows. So it makes sense that Britney, who long ago relied on the withdrawal of custody, resorted to bitcoin transactions to maintain any sense of privacy in her life. However, several redditors users and other cryptocurrency enthusiasts thought that using Monero would better serve its purpose as it provides a higher level of privacy. 

Jamie Spears And Bloodsucking Control 
Britney’s last statement on June 23 revealed the new levels of Control imposed on her by her own father. Britney said she felt like a slave when her father cared for every little thing in her life. Detention was first introduced in 2008 and continued for 13 years. As its curator, Jamie Spears took full control of Bree.

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