Bit Mining Moves 3,000 Bitcoin Mining Machines to Kazakhstan After China Crash

Shenzhen-based Bit Mining has started shipping bitcoin mining machines to Kazakhstan as the Chinese government has ceased bitcoin mining activities in the country. Bit Mining Ltd., a Shenzhen-based mining company, announced on Monday that it has "successfully delivered its first mining machines to Kazakhstan." The company has announced that its bitcoin mining machines will be delivered to Kazakhstan in three batches. Bit Mining states that the first batch "consists of 320 mining machines with a theoretical maximum total hash rate capacity of 18.2 PH/s," stating that it is "expected to be deployed and operational by June 27." The mining company added: The second and third batches, consisting of a total of 2,600 mining machines with a theoretical maximum total hash rate capacity of 102.3 PH/s, are expected to be delivered to Kazakhstan before July 1, 2021. Bit Mining plans to ship the remaining mining. machines to foreign data centers in the coming quarters. The move comes after the Chinese government halted bitcoin mining activities in the country. On June 19, State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Company sent a message to Bit Mining's indirectly owned subsidiary, Ganzi Changhe Hydropower Consumption Service, to inform that the power supply will be suspended from June 19. operations. According to Bit Mining's statement, mining operations in Sichuan accounted for about 3% of the company's total revenue in May. Bit Mining CEO Xianfeng Yang said: “We are committed to protecting the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. As part of our growth strategy, we have strategically expanded our overseas operations. Bit Mining announced in May that it has invested in a cryptocurrency mining data center in Kazakhstan. He also invested in a crypto mining data center in Texas. What do you think about the move of Chinese miners to Kazakhstan? let us know at com

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