Bit Bitcoin Smart Welcomed Alex Secular

Alexey secular described his” intellectual guidance for bitcoin ” and misconceptions about BTC.
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Bitcointvapplespotifygooglelibsynovercastmany in the traditional financial space, the government and the Academy have long considered bitcoin a stupid toy for criminals, predicting that the price will drop to zero. These forecasts remain widespread in the mainstream media to this day, despite the network’s staggering growth and currency prices rising to more than $ 30,000 and advances in the global economy. After reading a recent sample of these articles about the cryptography resignation of an Australian professor titled “Dummies Guide to cryptography,” Alex — CEO of BITCOIN’S DCA Amber app and author of Bitcoin Magazine-felt he needed to respond.
The author of the” guide to dummies “on this”cryptography” makes little sense on secular, trash and general cryptorynke. But Alex does not agree that these assumptions are true for Bitcoin. The fact is that Bitcoin is a very well-designed solution to a very important problem that is tormenting humanity. Alex’s answer to” guide for Dummies “is” a smart guide to bitcoin.””In the article, he spoke secularly about what Bitcoin is, whether people should invest, the factors and disadvantages of mining and energy.
Christian Carolz, host of the” Bitcoin Magazine ” Podcast, sat down to discuss the events in the article and how best to express it for people who think Bitcoin is just a stupid toy. 

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